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Unfiltered, fresh, and fair

I’ve been writing about adventure, travel, outdoor gear, and watches for over ten years for various publications. I also co-host a pretty cool podcast called The Grey NATO. But with all those outlets, there are limitations—of time, of space, of advertisers, of editors. If you want my writing, 100% honest and unfiltered, on a variety of subjects, this is the place.

What I plan to write about

You obviously came here because you A) like my writing, B) like the topics I write about, or C) both A and B. I hope it’s C. And you’ll see more of the same stuff I love covered here: the trials and joys of owning an old Land Rover, what it’s like to write a first novel, what’s really important in a dive watch, travel stories and adventure mishaps, discoveries, and so on. What you won’t get is current affairs, politics, religion, or rants. See this as a personal email between friends, sharing interests. And I hope you’ll comment and send me feedback!